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Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple-Mustard Sauce
Maple-Glazed Parsnips
Maple-Glazed Shallots
Maple-Mustard Pork Tenderloin with Carmelized Apples
Maple-Mustard-Glazed Spareribs
Maple-Nut Bread
Maple-nut Muffins
Maple-pumpkin Cheesecake
Maple-Rum-Glazed Apple Compote
Maple-Soy Marinated Roast Beef
Maple-Spice Cookies
Maple-Sugar Candy
Mapled Apples
Mapley Ohio Apples
Marinated Asparagus
Mexican Corn Bread
Mock Maple Syrup
Mustard Glaze with Maple syrup
New Hampshire Maple Syrup Pie
Orange Maple Glaze
Quick Maple Crunch
Quick Maple Fudge
Real Maple Fudge
Red Cabbage Braised with Maple Syrup
Simple Maple Sponge Cake
Spiced Maple Butter
Spicy Maple Basting Sauce For Grilled Lake Trout
Spicy Maple Fruit Kabobs
Springtime Maple Fudge
Strawberry Maple Shortcake
Thrifty Maple Syrup
Vermont Maple Cream
Vermont Maple Sugar On Snow
Vermont Maple-Butternut Squash
Yankee Maple Corn Muffins