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Colorful Vegetable Salad
Confetti Bean Salad
Confetti Peas
Confetti Rice
Confetti Tuna
Congri Cubano
Cook Sugar Free Cookies
Cooked Beets
Coquille St. Jacques
Corn and Bean Pudding
Corn and Tomato Polenta
Corn Bread
Corn Bread Stuffing
Corn Muffins
Corn Pudding
Cornbread Dressing
Corned Beef Dinner
Cornmeal Pancakes
Cottage Cheese Vegetable Casserole
Cottage Cheese-vegetables Dunk
Cotton Candy Cookies
Country Chili
Couscous With Seven Vegetables
Cousous Topped With Almonds
Crab and Cheese Meltwich
Crab Dip
Crab Imperial
Cracked Wheat Carrot Loaf
Cran-orange Punch
Cranapple Relish
Cranberry Bread Pudding
Cranberry Punch
Cranberry Rasberry Meringue Pie
Cranberry Sparkler
Cranberry-orange Bars
Cranberry-orange Sauce
Cranberry-raisin Sauce
Cranberry-raspberry Meringue Pie
Cranberry-rice Stuffing
Cream Cheese and Jelly Cookies
Cream Cheese Balls
Cream Cheese Cookies
Creamed Soup Mix
Creamy Chocolate Ice
Creamy Frosting
Creamy Garlic Dressing
Creamy Italian Dressing
Creamy Ranch Salad Dressing
Creamy Rice Pudding
Creamy Tofu Dressing
Creme Semisweet Chocolate Frosting
Creole Green Beans
Creole Steak
Crimson Pie
Crisp and Cool Middle Eastern Salad
Crisp Baked Chicken
Crunchy Breakfast Fruit
Crunchy Celery Slaw
Crunchy Cereal Bar
Crunchy Chocolate Raisin Fudge
Crunchy Noodle Jumble
Cucumber Dip
Cucumber Salad
Curried Potato Chowder
Curried Tuna Salad
Curried Turkey On Rice
Curry Dressing Or Dip
Daibetic Instant Swiss Mocha Mix
Daibetic Maple Bean Tarts
Date Dainties
Date Drops
Date Sandwich Bars
Diet Cream Soup Base
Dilled Asparagus
Dilly Beef Salad
Dilly Rice Muffins
Dilly Squash
Double Fishy Tuna
Double-fudge Balls
Dressing and Poppy Seed Dressing
Dry Cream Soup Mix
Dutch Apple Pie
Dutch Doughnuts
Easy Blueberry Cobbler
Easy Eggplant Casserole
Easy Lo Cal Fruit Ices
Easy Oven Stew
Easy Peach Cobbler
Easy Raspberry Chiffon Pie
Easy Succotash
Easy Yogurt Pie
Egg Beater Substitute
Egg Beaters Nog
Eggless French Toast
Eggplant Dip
Eggplant With Tomatoes
Eggs Creole
Eggs Curry
English Pea Soup